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How MUTT came about ...

Over many late nights of drawing, writing, and odd moments of self doubt, I finally arrived at this story of Mutt.

When doodling a wacky cow quite a few years back. I wondered about these magnificent passive beasts, and how their whole lives are spent surveying their next meal. They offer little threat to anyone but equally little entertainment value. (Though I am yet to witness one afflicted with mad cow disease).

I also yearned for a dog that could retreive a ball, stick or anything for that matter.  I was denied these assets by every one of my past canine friends. I cursed the sight of dog owners effortlessly hurling projectiles for their athletic dogs to retreive whilst I had to manually exercise my dog by walking.

Bringing a cow and a retrieving dog together on a ramshackle, struggling farm offered some interesting possibilities ... and with the farm comes our disgruntled farmer, Mac. 

For Mutt, helping out in the daily routine would be better if rewarded with a little 'game of fetch', and ever-optimistic, he never lets his beloved ball out of his sight. Unfortunately,  Mac's unwillingness to participate in the game ultimately leads to disastrous consequences .




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